What is a capture tool button?

The Notable in-browser tool button allows you to capture a web page screen shot with one click or keystroke. It captures the information locally from your browser window and is the only way to capture pages that are behind a log in

How do I install the tool button? What browsers does it work with?

The tool button is now available for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari and works on both Mac OS X and Windows.

To install the button on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, log in to your Notable account and select the proper browser from the “New Post” drop down menu. Then, click the big orange install button on the next page.

What is a post?

A Post is an screenshot, wireframe or a sketch has been uploaded into a Notable account. This may be an PNG, JPG, PDF, PowerPoint slide or Photoshop file.

What is a note?

Notes are feedback left directly on a post. You can provide a note by clicking “Add Notes” right above the post image, or hover over the post image until the option “Add Notes” appears. This will expand the post into annotation view, where you can click and add your feedback exactly where you want.

How do I share my post?

From the post page, click the “Share” button. You will be shown two options for sharing your post.

The first option allows you to type in the email address of the person/people you’d like to share the post with. You can also add a custom message and send them an email to let them know they were given access.